Los Angeles | Est. 2018

Caplan: Funerals For Idols (Socially Conscious Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Visual Artist)

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CAPLAn: funerals for idols (socially conscious songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist

Caplan (Christopher Caplan) is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and visual artist from Los Angeles, CA. He possesses a unique blend of soulful folk rock mixed with electronic/hip hop tinged productions. Caplan's distinctive, soulful voice croons and belts over analogue inflected modern recordings, drawing studiously from multiple decades and genres of music. Lyrically, Caplan muses about love, death, sexuality, social justice and the experience of his youth growing up during the Great Recession in a post-Columbine, post-9/11 America. His singular sound and evocative themes paired with his Gothicana aesthetic create a uniquely contemporary tour de force. A respected LA session musician and producer, Caplan is currently working for Dr Dre (of Aftermath Records) and his new protege King Mez. Caplan has co-written tracks for KYLE, and has upcoming works with King Mez feat. Anderson Paak and J Cole (via Aftermath). Caplan also writes with upcoming alternative EDM producer AWAY, and received critical acclaim with his former band “Trickster Guru” from radio outlets KCRW and blogs like Buzzbands.la. He is currently working on his debut solo album “Funerals for Idols.” Caplan is also a visual artist who combines pop art and comparative religion/mythology into unique, confessional collage art books that have the feel of a DIY punk zine mixed with unhinged biblical doomsday prophesying… All underpinned by philosophical investigations into the meaning of death, sexuality and mass media @caplanmusic | Hosted by @georgiispeakman | Filmed by @meoshabeanofficial | Sound by @kaila.wav | Live music by @caplanmusic | Music otherwise by @cosmicuts | Recorded @dashradio @dreamhotelsla