Los Angeles | Est. 2018

Emmett Skyy: I Dare You

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Born to a deeply talented family of gospel and soul singers, Emmett Skyy was destined to touch the lives of millions with the magic of his voice. A Louisiana native, Skyy is a rare singer/songwriter and multi-creative with epic talent. Commanding stages since the age of 4, he has been honing a deeply unique and magnetic sound across the arc of his entire life. His bayou style can aptly be described a ‘gumbo’ of American sound, with a perfectly blended influence of Folk, Soul and Rock. In his early teens, Skyy transcended his gospel roots to immerse himself in a tapestry of American sound––sounds that equally found their roots in southern blues & folk, but simply never limited themselves to it. He began to raid his father’s secret music collections as well as the collections of any others he could find. He quickly fell in love with the varying sounds of Johnny Cash, Streisand, Zepplin, Marvin Gaye and The Beatles. It was a personal renaissance of sorts for Skyy. In this sonic immersion he emerged anew. He found himself reborn. He found his voice and a new core of expression to spread the message of “love for mankind” to the world. From there a new folk-rock singer was born ––and Skyy brings folk-rock back to the very “soul” of its roots. He eventually took his melodic Bayou recipe to Los Angeles blazing stages, wowing crowds and even performing a private show for The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (Grammys.org) a few years back. In 2015 he was handpicked to perform at the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards and Grammy salute for Stevie Wonder, backing vocals for Beyoncé. That same year he went in the studio to record songs he co-wrote with Sheryl Crow's hit maker, Jeff Trott, and release a single called "Love Leads to Nothing". He also debuted live with a sold out show at the Grammy Museum (Clive Davis Theater) and played residencies at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, California. Skyy continues to write and sing; he also has a gift for design and has created his own brand called "Truth", collaborating with other designers. 2017 was a dynamic year in Skyy's professional life. He deftly balanced his roles as musician alongside other creative projects, such as Netflix's Motown Magic. In addition, he has recently shot a worldwide campaign with LG mobile generating more than 9.9 million views and a national commercial with Alaska Airlines. He is expanding his music and songwriting skills as well as new endeavors in fashion. He has shot with the genius behind Smash Box studios, world renowned photographer Davis Factor. Look for shows in 2018, kicking off the new year at multiple venues! Emmett and Host, Georgii Speakman talk music - the release of his new track "I Dare You"; Skyy's creative process and new fashion line; his life mission(s), inspirations, advice and words of wisdom for all aspiring creatives! https://www.emmettskyy.com/