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Maya Jupiter: 'Never Said Yes' (Singer, Songwriter, Artivist)

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Maya Jupiter: ‘Never Said Yes’ (Singer, Songwriter, Artivist) 

Maya Jupiter is a singer, songwriter, rapper, MC and social activist. She is the wife to @aloeblacc; a mother and teacher. Maya's "Artivism" began in her early twenties when she facilitated hip-hop songwriting workshops with under served youth in her hometown of Sydney, Australia. Now raising a family in Los Angeles, Maya released her third solo album produced by Quetzal Flores titled “Never Said Yes.” An album that sits at the intersection of feminism, activism and revolutionary motherhood. She is on the advisory board at "Peace Over Violence" and has been a spokesperson for their "Denim Day Campaign". In 2014 she was recognized with their "Voice Over Violence Humanitarian Award". In 2017, she received "Tiyya’s Owliya Community Leadership Award" and was honored by the "Justice For My Sister Collective". In 2018 she was the recipient of "East LA Community Corporation’s Mujer Guerrera Award". Maya co-founded "Artivist Entertainment" with Aloe Blacc, Quetzal Flores, Alberto Lopez and Veronica Gonzalez to support artists who create positive social change and is the Monday host of "The Global Village Show" on KPFK 90.7FM Los Angeles. Connect with Maya at @mayajupiter | Feat. Maya Jupiter | Hosted by @georgiispeakman | Live via @outliercotv | Sound by Jonathan Parra (Ryan Seacrest and @dashradio) | Filmed + Recorded at Dash Studio (Dream Hollywood).

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