Los Angeles | Est. 2018

Stephanie Michele: Host of "Relatable"; Founder of Social Bling; Behavioral Analyst

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stephanie michele: host of “relatable”; founder of social bling; behavioral analyst

Stephanie Michele is a Certified Behavioral Analyst, Consumer Retention Specialist, Certified N.L.P. Practitioner and Founder of “No Text or Next”. She’s also the Founder of her own digital platform, ‘Relatable’ and ‘Social Bling’ (data driven marketing services that embody her relational principles). In our discussion, we explore themes of politics, voting, race, culture and female entrepreneurship. Stephanie Michele guides individuals and businesses into deeper explorations of the value of relationships and how to modify for peak performance and mutual benefits. She speaks on the importance of practicing communication exercises in the juxtaposition of mainstream “device, media and app addicted” society. Stephanie is a practical optimist and relational futurist who believes current relating norms are negatively impacting our present and future relationships yet the path to course correction is relatively simple with dedicated practice. She promotes an exploration of shared vulnerability, intuition and curiosity to increase quality of relating in a constructive and meaningful way. Stephanie lives in Los Angeles, CA with her beloved dog, Mr. Deeds. Stephanie is LIVE on Facebook every Tuesday at 11 am PST with Relatable. See show archives on YouTube or listen to archives on iTunes. Relating norms in terms of short form device communication, (texting, instant messaging, dating apps) emphasized debating tactics, and sensationalized media. Follow Stephanie @relatewithsteph | Hosted by @georgiispeakman | Filmed at @dashradio @dreamhotelsla | Sound by Jon Parra and @cosmicuts


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