Los Angeles | Est. 2018

William Morris: Industry Relations X Digital Disruptors (Facebook)

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WILLIAM MORRIS: industry MANAGER x digital disruptors (facebook)

William Morris is focused on the convergence of tech, media and social change. His current role as Industry Manager – Digital Disruptors at Facebook puts him in the epicenter of startup culture and Facebook (products/technology); relating to music and live events. He is a growth consultant for top companies in the music space from Live Nation to Ticketmaster and artists/festivals globally. Previously, William led a team focused on streaming, music, and TV at Google/YouTube and started his career in Digital Marketing at Warner Music Group. He is a proud graduate of The Ohio State University and works out of Facebook’s LA office. William and Host, Georgii Speakman discuss life behind the scenes; what it's like running point in his specific arena within the ecosystem of Facebook: Where and how his career kicked off in music, which catapulted his journey, post time serving at Google, into the depths of digital disruption at Facebook, Los Angeles. @wbernard3 | Hosted by @georgiispeakman | Sound by @kaila.wav | Filmed by @meoshabean1 | Music by @cosmicuts | Edited by @notbad.ungood | Dash Radio, Dream Hollywood